Thursday, June 25, 2015

io9 Concept Art Writing Prompt, Jun 25, 2015



"Have you seen my hand?" It was an obvious question, the one Frank should have been prepared for.

"Which one?" He punted. Sophie had, like, four hands, not counting the two she was born with.

"The scrying hand. The one I traded that cyclops three wishes for? At the farmer's market?"

"Haven't seen it, babe."

"If I come in there, am I going to find a glowing severed hand in with all your studying?"

"Did you check under the stairs? Sometimes body parts wander to the crawl space."

"That's only the replacement feet. The hands we keep on hooks, remember? So I can find them."

"Right." Just a few more passages to memorize. Then he could slip the hand into the couch cushions, with the remote, wait a few hours, then pretend to find it. He knew he shouldn't mess with Sophie's things, but the light...the light just made things easier. He turned back to the page, and hoped Sophie didn't come in. He was sure she suspected him, but pretended not to, while he pretended to be ignorant. It seemed to him a nice compromise.

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