Thursday, March 31, 2016

io9 Concept Art Writing Prompt: March 31, 2016

When the cars rose up, the city changed. Little bodegas sprung up at the top of skyscrapers, high-rise drive-through restaurants appeared, along with a spiderweb of nets to keep the debris from errant collision from raining down on the increasingly thinner street traffic.

Ground level businesses withered and died on the vine. The streets became empty, shady, and desolate.

There was a romance to the street level, to that grandeur buildings took viewed from the ground, something taken for granted as the city moved upward, with its cobweb full of busted-up cars.

Marquand was alone on the street. All around him was an echoing quiet. He had a few hours before his shift. Time enough to continue coloring the vacant streets in chalk, in elaborate, intricate, haphazard designs made to be seen and appreciated from an air that had long forgotten about them.

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