Friday, March 20, 2015

io9 Concept Art Writing Prompt: March 20, 2015

It was when Xorcthul the Unspeakable knocked on ​his window--for the fifth time that morning--that Charlie Hsing really, really wished he'd gone to Arizona State instead.

Xorcthul the Unspeakable wanted to play hackey sack. He was mad for it. One of the other exchange students, Denny Poe (of the Denny Poe Memorial Park Bench out back) got Xorcthul the Unspeakable and Klv!graxxx of the Thousand Horrors and Mitch the Unliving in to it the year before, apparently, and now it was their chief means of interacting with the world.

Nick would be there. Charlie turned on his side and ignored Xorcthul. Pointedly, or as pointedly as one can while turning one's back to a razor-fanged three-brained demon with a limited understanding of human social cues.

Arizona State. Where you're not one of a handful of human beings on the whole campus  (especially following the untimely and difficult-to-clean-up-after death of Denny Poe), where the Sun Devil is just a mascot and not a literal Devil made out of the collapsing hearts of a hundred billion living suns, like Pandaemonium College's faculty president. Should be on all the brochures. But then, MC did offer him a full ride.

Nick and Charlie. Charlie and Nick. They met in Epidemiology of Mass Communication, a 350 they both placed in to. As two of only a handful of Earthplaners (RIP Denny) they were expected to fall for each other. And so what if he did? Fall, that is. Charlie. For Nick. Who was currently dating Mitch the Unliving, and Mitch the Unliving's extensive collection of execrable college rock and briefcases full of human skin.

Well. Some of it was human, anyway.  Probably? One more semester, he told himself, drawing the blanket over his head and ignoring the alarm runes that told him he had class in ten minutes. One more semester and it's study abroad.

Maybe he'd meet someone nice in Acheron

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