Saturday, January 16, 2010

Geeky Blog Post

[image 1]

Single word conveying exasperation. Witty statement. (1)

[image 2]

Point-by-point analysis of how image 1 is simply Missing . The. Point., starting with the tips of the guy's wings. Witty statement. Briefly bring math in to this. Assert that image 1 is incapable of appearing realistic on screen. Rational acceptance that the vagaries of prime-time television can't allow for the kind of literal translation one would expect. (2) Point out, however, that they've been doing this kind of crap before. For, like, ten years. Supporting example. And another, because seriously, that painted-on mask wasn't fooling anyone. What if it rained?

Summary of argument. Conclusion. Labored invocation of an even more obscure figure in popular culture (3). Witty statement.

  1. Footnote
  2. Second footnote, reminding us this isn't the first time the character's been handled poorly. Remember those Baby Ruth commercials?
  3. Probably Zatanna, because really.

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