Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kcarab Amabo?

Has President Obama been replaced with a double from the Evil Universe? I understand that to get elected, Barack Obama had to take the slow boat from the left back to the political center, but this? Reinstating the military tribunals, backpedaling on the Abu Ghraib photos, this is near Bush-levels of douchiness. I can only assume that he's been replaced by a pod person, an evil clone, or an evil alternate from an evil dimension full of evil.

Of course Dick Cheney is also in the news this week and in the news to give his opinion and not in the news because he is being publicly fucking executed, so maybe we've been living in the evil universe all this time.

I understand the sentiment about not wanting to release the torture photos on the grounds that it might put our troops more in harm's way, but not to sound callous, they're already in harm's way. And instituting a retroactive cover-up, especially for photos you've already said aren't as awful as the ones which already made it out, just makes us look bad. This is not the way we as Americans should conduct ourselves, and it certainly isn't the way for the current administration to distance itself from the policies of the previous administration. The logic of this is unfathomable to me; I'm forced to invent increasingly implausible scenarios whereby an intelligent, right-thinking good man would stoop so low as to thinking ideas that George W. Bush had were good ones. Right now I'm on crab people.


  1. This seems to be the trend for presidential elections for a while now. Clinton ran as a left candidate, ruled center-right. Bush ran as center-right (remember "compassionate conservatism"?) ruled pretty well into the right. So now we see the result of candidate Obama having run to the left and starting to rule center right. I do still have some of my capital-H Hope, but it is disheartening so far, to say the least.

  2. A potential problem is that there are allegations that considerably worse things were done than depicted in the currently-available pics. Things including genital torture and the videotaped sodomy of children of suspects. If there is indeed evidence of behavior this disgusting, well, Obama is in a tricky position.