Sunday, March 1, 2009

I have gotten way behind on this

2/19: The Day of Whining Roses
2/20: iDay
2/21: The Day of Brightly Colored, Comically-Ineffective Rain Boots
2/22: The Day of Precariously-Maintained Social Status
2/23: The Day of The Evil Reverse-Zodiac*
2/24: The Day of the Middling Chinese-food Place
2/25: The Day of Correct Bus Fare
2/26: The Day of The Complete Wanker (Unabridged)
2/27: The Day of The Eyepatch as a Clever Fashion Accessory
2/28: The Day of Telling That Same Story a Thousand Times
(2/29): The Day of the Single Girl

Thus concludes February, the Month of Scrubs Reruns, and now on to March, the Month of Ides. Man, I'm behind

(* which we will not get in to this year)

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