Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Arboreal Zodiac, part five

2/5: The Day of People Who Passive-Aggressively Use "We" To Mean "You."
2/6: The Day of Foam-Sword Cosplayers Out on the Uni Lawn
2/7: The Day You Realized You Missed the Memo Wherein "Cosplay" Was Meant to Stand In for "Dress-up."
2/8: The Day of the Short Fiction Writer
2/9: The Day of the Tall Fiction Writer
2/10: The Day of Vintage Postcards from Around the World
2/11: The Day of Ypsi
2/12: The Day of the Instant Coffee-Shop
2/13: The Day of the False Syllogism
2/14: The Day of Lurve
2/15: The Day of Men Who Own Hats
2/16: The Day of Sense-of-Entitlement Benefits
2/17: The Day of the Oblivious Motorist
2/18: The Day of the Oblivious Pedestrian

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